Precision parts free
from particles and residues

Turning, milling, grinding, drilling – material removal and residues remain on the workpieces during machining operations. However, technical and surface cleanliness are decisive for the quality of components.

Precleaning High Purity

In the High Purity business segment, we have extensive experience in precleaning:

  • Components and parts in the semiconductor production sector
  • Optical components (e.g., in lithography)
  • Medical technology components after machining

In order to stay true to our claim of precision and quality throughout the entire production process, we clean our components using spray-flood technology. This process effectively removes contaminants and micro-particles such as shavings, acids, film-like deposits of coolants and lubricants.

Efficient and resource-saving parts cleaning

The spray-flood cleaning process ensures optimum cleaning of your components. Undercuts or hidden inner contours are specially cleaned by flood cleaning. Geometrically challenging parts cannot be accessed directly with conventional manual cleaning. Drying is performed by means of gentle vacuum drying.

Process reliability in further processing

We guarantee clean and documented parts handling for further surface treatment, assembly or delivery.